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The Enhanced Film Funding Program allows film makers the ability to obtain up to 75% of the film's budget with only 10% cash requirement from the client or angel/investor. Our associates have many years of "on the ground" film experience and time-tested knowledge in the production and funding of films. With our structured film funding program we are here to help the independent film maker receive funds for their film in an expedited manner with reasonable costs and flexible repayment terms.

Program Highlights
- 75% funding of the film's budget
- No up-front fees
- $10M to $100M loan amounts. )
- 10% minimum cash required. ($1M minimum)
- Angel/Investor's funds (the 10) is returned at completion of film funding
- Angel/Investor may be provided a preferred rate of return of 20%
- 5.00% fixed interest rate
- No pre-payment penalty
- Loan/income participation hybrid program. (75/25:25/75)
- Non-personal recourse loan
- North America, UK, New Zealand, Australia and Puerto Rico filming locations only.

How it Works
10% of the film's budget, (minimum $1M), is placed into an attorney's trust account at a top-tier bank, where it remains until the end of the film's funding at which time it is returned to the angel/investor (minus a small trustee fee). The client's funds never leave the trustee account, are bank blocked and are 100% protected at all times.

Film funding is based upon a monthly draw schedule which is agreed-to with the film maker prior to closing. No loan payments are due during the film production.

Recoupment of principal and interest on the loan is 75% of the net proceeds of the film project to the lender with 25% of the net proceeds to the film maker until the loan is paid in full. Then the formula inverts to 25/75. All receipts, both hard and soft, are administered by Fintage House. The lenders Note is full recourse to the film enterprise Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) and its financial receipts only and is non-recourse to the film's principals.

Time Frame
A Binding Term Sheet may be issued in a matter of days after full review of the film project submission with closing shortly thereafter. Film funding draws may begin as soon as 45 days after closing.

Please note that the movie must be a commercially viable product with a "bondable" producer in place, distribution worked out and other usual and customary basic financial movie project criteria. Our finance group is looking to fund only quality film projects.

Submission Guidelines

Our funding sources require proper submission protocol that must be followed for a successful and timely funding and we are a cooperative component with our financial associates to that end.

To get started we will need complete and thorough information about the film project you are seeking funding for. Listed are the minimum items needed for our review.

- Executive Summary or Business Plan
- Full budget supporting the request for funding
- Completed script
- P&A budget or plan
- Month over month burn schedule
- Proof of Funds supporting the minimum cash requirement

Basic Criteria
- Bondable producer must be in place
- A seasoned director and talent attached (or at least in "talks")
- MPAA rating of no more than Restricted (“R”)
- Minimum loan amount is $10,000,000. Maximum $100,000,000. - The movie project must be a commercially viable product, distribution worked out and other usual and customary basic financial movie project criteria. Our finance group is looking to fund only quality film projects.

After we receive these items we will review the information and initiate a phone conference with you to discuss the transactional and financial feasibility of the requested funding for the film. We want to ensure that we have a clear understanding of the funding goals including amount and terms desired and the time frame needed for funding.

If after this discussion we feel it will fit our lender’s guidelines we will submit the package to them and if they are interested in the film project they will quickly move towards a Binding Term Sheet.

If you would like for us to review your film project you may email the funding request package to:

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