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$100K-$500 million: Fees 1%- 5% cost depends on account balance per 30 Days or more. online application click Here

Unlimited transactions allowed per 30 day term with renewals!


No credit checks or financial are required. The only requirement is the ability to cover the fee for the first month. There is never an obligation to continue beyond  a one month period.


Funds will be wired to Investor choice escrow to facilitate your transaction usually within 24 hours. The fee is escrowed when the cash is ready to move into escrow in your name


REMEMBER: These funds are NOT usable as cash,




Your Account Open for 30 days Larger Amounts



$100,000 deposit cost or 5% for 30 days with Investor's choice escrow company Earnest deposit for transaction funding.

( Investor's Title company is located in the US













SWIFT MT799,MT760 Account Open for 30 days Larger Amounts MT760,  (Major Western European and World Banks)

$1 million+ 500 million

3.5% for 1st 30 days*

(All Pricing accurate as of today, but subject to change based on funds availability).


If you are ready to get started, please review and fully complete the attached Application. Email to  We will contact you within 24 hours of receipt.



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