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Atlantic Financial Services LLC.   is uniquely positioned to provide the capital you need for the purchase of discounted or distressed notes. Atlantic Financial Services LLC are exclusively focused on the acquisition of discounted debt on well positioned properties and have invested over $1 Billion dollars into these types of transactions over the last 2 years. Capitalizing on the state of the current CRE markets, purchasing discount debt is the simplest and efficient way to expand your portfolio. We welcome you to leverage our partnerships and expertise to assist you in achieving your goals.



Feature Commercial Property Program
Loan amount $500.000 -12 Million
Minimum Fico 660
Minimum DSCR 1.30
Maximum LTV 90% for multi use properties (office, retail, condo, warehouse, medical office, mixed use, light industrial).
85% for special use properties (automotive, assisted living, hotel, motel, restaurant, day care)
First Mortgage First mortgage 50% and Second mortgage up to 40%
First mortgage amortized up to 25 years and Second mortgage up to 20 years. Second mortgage rates is fixed for 20 years
  Must be owner occupied 51%+ to qualify under this program
Loan Purpose Purchase only
Underwriting philosophy Global Cash Flow Underwriting
Closing time 60 days if complete package
Loan programs available 1. Adjustable (prime plus 2.75%)
2. 3 Year Fixed: Rate starts at 5.5% with 5 year declining prepayment
3. 5 Year Fixed: Rate starts at 6.5% with 5 year declining prepayment
(the above two options only apply to the first mortgage)
4. The second mortgage will carry an interest rate of approx. 5.5% fixed for 20 years and amortized over 20 years
5. Seller Financing allowed by, borrower must have Minimum Equity of 10% 



Feature Bridge Lending Program
Loan amount From $50K to $500 Million
LTV Up to 65% max
CLTV May be allowed on a case by case basis up to 75%
Loan term Up to 36 months
Minimum Fico required None
Prepayment penalty None
Exit fee None
Interest rate Starting at 7.99%
Lending Nationwide lending. NO rural areas (minimum population required 100K)
Acceptable property types Office, medical/dental, office condo, warehouse, multifamily, mixed use, retail, strip centers, assisted living facility, day care, flagged and non-flagged hotel/motel, other property types considered on a case by case basis
Interest only payment Available
Closing time Can close as fast as 30 days with full package 



Stated Incone Non-Owner 1-4 Family resident, Commercial Loan Program

Loan amount $100.000 - 10MM

1-4 Family Non owner occupied , Multi-family & office, commercial retail

Eligible location $100K to 5 Million. Nationwide
Eligible location $100K to 5 Million. Major markets
Loan purpose Purchase, rate/term refinance & cash out
Minimum Fico 650
Amortization 25 to 30 years, depending on the age of property and condition
LTV Up to 65 - 75% maximum LTV
Loan terms 30 year fixed and Balloon loan terms of 5, 7, 10 years with amortizing terms up to 30 years
Lifetime cap 6.99% over initial interest rate
Lifetime floor rate 3%
Minimum DSCR 1.25 DSCR
NOI calculation Deduct market vacancy; % management; repairs estimated at $650/unit; reserves estimated at $300/unit
Subordinate financing Not allowed during the first 12 months, thereafter case-by-case, with a minimum loan amount of $250K
Stabilization must be at 60% occupancy for at least 90 days
Assumability: Loans are assumable at Lender consent and a 1% fee
Third party fees $4,500 (for strong/major markets)
Tax & insurance escrows Not required for qualifying borrowers
Seasoning n/a
Liquidity 6 months P&I, plus down payment, closing costs and 1:1 coverage ratio of revolving debt
Borrower net worth Must exceed loan amount
Non recourse Lending in some large markets. Recourse in certain markets, subject to the Lender's discretion 


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Feature Low Balance Commercial Program
Product overview Must be owner occupied 51%+ to qualify under this program
Loan amount from $100K to $2 Million
Minimum Fico 650
Minimum DSCR 1.25/1.00
Loan purpose Purchase, refi & cash out. Cash out is only accepted under this program if proceeds are for property improvement, payment of business debt and inventory
Loan amortization 25 years
Property types Car washes, auto repair/transmission/body shop, bowling alleys, medical/dental & veterinarian offices, liquor stores, convenience stores, supermarkets, child daycares, adult daycares, assisted living facilities, restaurants, retail/office condo/mixed use/industrial, self-storage facilities
Max LTV 90%
Interest rate Starts at prime + 2.75%
Prepayment penalty 5% in year 1; 3% in year 2; 1% in year 3
Underwriting philosophy Global cash flow underwriting 



Full Doc Commercial Program
Loan amount from $100K to $500 Million
Interest rate Starting at 5.67% on our 12 month libor ARM
Loan term 12 months libor, 3, 5, 7 & 10 year fixed hybrid. All loans amortized over 30 years
Prepayment penalty 5% declining
LTV Up to 80% for purchases. LTV can be increased to 85% on selected markets
Minimum credit score 680
Minim DSCR 1.25. This may be increased based on risk of transaction
Refinance Cash out refinance request are typically limited to 50% maximum
  Upon conclusion of fixed rate terms loans will roll to 6 month ARM with interst rate adjustment capped at 1.00%
  Stable current and historic cash is generally required
  Borrower must be solid: Market experience, liquidity, net worth, personal credit. Full recourse for at least one key principal required
  All programs are subject to pricing adjustment based upon loan size, property condition, age, maintenance and credit indicators
  Rates are only for A&B Grade properties
  Loans under $500,000 will have a rate spread increase of 35-60 bps 





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Atlantic Financial Services LLC is a BBB Accredited Finance Company in Raleigh, NC