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Atlantic Financial Services LLC, a North Carolina Limited Liability Corporation, and its affiliated companies, provides financial and strategic advisory services to foreign and domestic clients. Atlantic objective is to enhance the value and accelerate the growth of its clientele through the establishment of long-term strategic relationships.

Atlantic foreign client services include the evaluation of venture capital and special situation investments on their behalf, and the identification of new business ventures and entrepreneurial opportunities with innovative U.S. businesses. The company's foreign clients are often large enterprises seeking to participate in venture capital and private equity investments, establish domestic operations or distribution channels, obtain licenses to new innovative technologies, explore strategic alliances in the United States for its products or services, access the U.S. capital markets or—as is often the case—a combination of all of the above.

The services to its domestic clients, which include emerging growth companies focused on the communications and high technology industries, include evaluating and structuring business relationships, financing strategies, formulating and preparing business and financial plan documents, plus creating operating strategies and corporate goals.

In connection with these services, Atlantic assists its clients in obtaining capital through equity and debt financing from third parties (including private equity partners and investors) and in assembling the management team when necessary. The company evaluates alternative methods of obtaining appropriate types of financing, with an emphasis on equity offerings led by a strategic partner in Europe and Asia. Recommendations are made on the type of financing best suited to a client's needs, the potential sources of such financing and an analysis of how such financing could be obtained. Atlantic may also arrange for sources of financing.

Additionally, the company assists clients by introducing them to potential suppliers, customers, joint venture partners, and merger or acquisition candidates. Atlantic also helps clients establish relationships with law and accounting firms, commercial and investment bankers, management consultants, executive recruiters, and other professionals.

Atlantic has successfully completed assignments for numerous foreign corporations doing business in commercial real estate, private trade platforms, high-tech, telecommunications, and distribution industries. Recently the company has been retained to provide advice to a large foreign conglomerate with respect to investing small business Joint ventures with United States.

The company seeks to capitalize upon Atlantic access to larger and unique business opportunities, as well as upon Atlantic ability to take swift advantage of such opportunities. This access can be attributed not only to Atlantic extensive network of relationships, but also to its principals' proven ability to complete transactions successfully and manage companies efficiently.

Atlantic management possesses a unique combination of foreign cultural sensitivity and understanding of international and U.S. business practices. The company believes that this sensitivity and the experience and skills of its management team are directly applicable to the development of venture capital and other business opportunities with strategic partners in foreign countries. Management believes that there is substantial opportunity to provide foreign partners with a trustworthy and direct approach to potential domestic technology partners through Atlantic strategic alliances with key legal and accounting firms, investment and commercial banks, and other professionals. At the same time, Atlantic provides its domestic clients with access to the highly desirable international marketplace for a variety of interests, including technology licensing, investment, manufacturing, distribution, or other strategic considerations.


The company believes that many U.S. technology companies and foreign conglomerates have a strong mutual interest and share a common objective of seeking global opportunities and markets. The economic opportunity provided by this common objective is highlighted by government mandates and incentives now offered by certain foreign countries in connection with their own technology development policies. Utilizing its principals' financing acumen and their extensive knowledge of the communications industry and others, the company will satisfy the growing demand of foreign technology companies and conglomerates seeking to diversify into these areas through joint ventures, technology transfers, and other strategic alliances. The company believes that it is well positioned to satisfy this demand by facilitating business relationships between these interested parties.

The company believes its primary competitive advantage is that the Atlantic principals have developed long-term personal and professional relationships in the foreign marketplace (the "Region"). Majority ownership of Atlantic is held by multicultural professionals with extensive experience and long-term relationships in the Region and throughout the United States. These trustworthy, reliable relationships are an important asset to the company. They enable Atlantic to broaden the business opportunities available to its clients and assess more quickly the prospects for the appropriate strategic partner on a cost-effective basis.

Atlantic management believes that it also offers the following benefits:

  1. Well Timed Investment Opportunity– Atlantic contends that many attractive opportunities exist for communications and high technology businesses for those with the financial strength and experience to pursue them. Utilizing Atlantic well-established relationships and contacts in the Region, the company will seek to capitalize on these opportunities by establishing a portfolio of investments in companies that will benefit from Atlantic legal, technical, financial, and management expertise and services (the "Incubator Services").

To facilitate and focus the development of a portfolio company's technologies, Atlantic will provide Incubator Services to emerging growth companies. By providing such services in return for meaningful equity positions in these companies (in addition to cash compensation), management believes it can ensure its investors' interests will be effectively monitored and managed. The company's objective is to work closely with 12 to 18 companies in which it invests, and to develop these investments with a planned exit strategy involving a joint venture.

  1. Experienced Entrepreneurial Management– Team Atlantic believes that it is one of the few multicultural majority owned investment firms with both an operating and financial focus. Atlantic officers and directors offer a sophisticated and diversified professional expertise involving engineering, law, finance, and international business relations.

Atlantic principals have successful experiences in managing the growth of entrepreneurial enterprises from the start-up phase to market leadership positions. With this vast experience developed at publicly and privately held companies, Atlantic management will use its proven knowledge of emerging growth markets and capitalize on this expertise, offering its investors access to opportunities that might otherwise be unavailable or not pursued due to a lack of experience.

  1. Strategic Focus– Atlantic intends to focus on companies in industries in which its principals have significant experience. Atlantic will organize and develop strategic alliances and other business opportunities between foreign companies and U.S. emerging growth "middle market" companies in the communications, multimedia, transportation and logistics, and other related industries.

The rapid development of the Biotechnologies and communications technologies, finance sector has led to the formation of a large number of alliances in recent years. The Region represents one of the largest markets for these technologies, primarily developed by domestic companies. The company believes that many foreign companies would like not just to learn the technology, but also to "localize" the technology by continuing its growth and development there. This provides the strategic foreign investor with both a significant economic opportunity and a discernible market advantage to be the dominant exploiter of the technology in the Region. Atlantic role will be to work with both entities to make their strategic alliance or other business relationship successful.

  1. Bridging Business Cultures– Atlantic principals offer a unique combination of cultural sensitivity and understanding of international and U.S. business practices and policies. In many countries, sensitivity to cultural factors and local business customs is as important as (and sometimes more important than) having the right business deal. Understanding the nuances of conducting business in the proper cultural contexts can mean the difference between a successful alliance and one that is unproductive. Many emerging growth companies have not developed the management resources, experience, and comprehension of local business practices and customs that are necessary to succeed in these diverse settings.

Atlantic experience provides its clientele the expertise in conducting business in the international marketplace and the working knowledge of each country's infrastructure. Domestic companies will seek local partners that Atlantic principals will identify based on their personal introductions, the local partner's reputation and its strong relationships with the local or national government.

At the same time, foreign companies have enjoyed rapid growth in their local markets and have accumulated investment capital. Relatively unknown to the U.S. business community, these companies are now seeking to deploy their newly acquired wealth, to diversify their investments, and to broaden their access to productive business opportunities around the world. Many of these opportunities were created by events such as the convergence of commercial real estate, Banking instruments, commercial loans products, media, telecommunications, and technology companies; favorable regulatory changes; and beneficial U.S. financial markets that have provided much of the needed capital. Atlantic provides the bridge to such opportunities.

  1. Access and Evaluation of Business Opportunities– Through Atlantic principals, its board of directors, and members of its Advisory Board, Atlantic has established a strong foundation of experience in the financial, business, and technical communities. Through its strategic partners, Atlantic will avail itself of a steady flow of new business opportunities, as well as the technical expertise necessary to evaluate potential transactions and close those best suited to fit the parties' strategic objectives. Where appropriate, business opportunities will be provided to investors before making them available to third parties. These may take the form of senior debt, subordinated debt, or equity securities. Additionally, Atlantic will promote cooperation among its investors to build synergistically on their strengths.

Management of the company has not conducted market research which confirms that a market exists for the expanded services the company proposes to offer. However, Atlantic principals believe that, based on their collective professional experiences, numerous domestic and promising companies are in need of management and financial support from outside parties and have no reliable entry into the international marketplace.

Atlantic management believes that foreign companies which had previously focused on basic industries must now address the global opportunities for businesses beyond this focus. For example, the wide acceptance of the Internet and the accelerated growth of the communications and high technology industries has caused a tremendous demand for foreign companies seeking to gain access to these opportunities. This phenomenon and the rising interest in reducing the exposure of risk from currency devaluation or other adverse economic circumstances through innovative outside investments by foreign entities offers Atlantic and its investors a timely and exceptional financial opportunity. The company believes that it will earn its revenues from recurring advisory fees, placement fees in connection with the sale of a client's securities and performance fees in closing mergers and acquisitions. The company also expects to receive substantial revenues from the liquidation of its equity holdings in their portfolio investments over time.

The company intends to raise approximately $50 million to fund initial working capital needs from a few select sophisticated investors and to Commercial Real Estate ventures by the end of the second quarter of 2011


Reginald Ollisonis the founder of Atlantic Financial Services LLC., a private investment capital firm, and has served as President since March 2006. Prior to this, and for more than five years, Mr. Ollison served in several senior executive officer positions with one of the Nation largest commercial mortgage brokerage . He originated more $200 million commercial loans. In his last position, Mr. Ollison served as this firm's Senior Vice President, Finance and was the Chief Financial Officer. Mr. Ollison has substantial experience in raising capital through the financing of debt and equity , as well as operational responsibility for multinational offices where he oversaw the design and implementation of structure and debt financing.

Mr. Ollison holds a B.A. in Finance and is a graduate of North Carolina Central University



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Atlantic Financial Services LLC is a BBB Accredited Finance Company in Raleigh, NC