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Atlantic Financial Services LLC.  provides a wide range of consulting services for the micro-cap and small-cap markets to include growth strategies, financial relations, extensive capital resources,Instruments  Monetized Lending, Securities Lines of Credit and Stocks Loans, JV Proof Of Funds Cash Back Accounts, Film Production Lending,  90/100% Project Finance, Purchase/ Lease Standby Letter of Credit and Bank Guarantee, Commerical Construction Projects Funding, REO Bulk Lending. MT760 Swift , MT799 Swift and MT199 messaging results-oriented marketing programs. Our specialty is discovering qualified private investors and under- valued companies that have strong leveraging position for building Assets.

Atlantic Financial Services LLC. was formed to address the needs of small and mid-sized businesses to have the right kind of guidance and assistance to get to the next level and provide the expertise to assist our client's in achieving their full investment potential.  Atlantic Financial Services  LLC  is a Financial and Investment Advisory firm; helping companies develop assets to get a higher returned of profits out of their investment, guidance in the preparation stage of raising capital, assist business credit lines, or building wealth for the company. We start by learning about your goals, reviewing key areas of your existing investments, including your business plan, proforma financial's, growth strategies, capital structure, credit risk, exit strategy, type of financing and analysis of where you are and what needs to be done before you can successfully meet lender.  



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Atlantic Financial Services LLC is a BBB Accredited Finance Company in Raleigh, NC





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